Announcement :: {freshly launched} Fridays

Announcement :: {freshly launched} Fridays

In the past we’ve ‘Freshly Launched’ two small women’s businesses per week, introducing these brands to a larger, appreciative audience via our various social media networks.  Because demand for this free service is growing and these posts are very popular, next week we are moving to a new schedule of launching three businesses each Friday and calling it ‘Freshly Launched Fridays.’

The highly read, “Freshly Launched” blog posts have featured a wide range of companies, from the Annie and Isabel hospital gown boutique to the whimsical wall art at Barn Owl Primitives, increasing the exposure of their nationally-available products and services to thousands of LaunchHER fans nation-wide.

“Being FreshlyLaunched was a wonderful experience. Traffic to my site increased, and I was able to reach a new market of potential customers. The exposure was fantastic!” says Tina Allen of Tina Dean Designs, who was Freshly Launched in December 2011.

Ashley Berthelot of Fancy Designs – Freshly Launched November 2011 – agrees: “Being Freshly Launched was a great experience. Not only did I see a lot of traffic to my store but the amount of support I received was amazing. I couldn’t get over how much support I received. With or without the sales and traffic, you really can’t beat the support and love.”

Why choose Fridays, you may wonder?

Friday is the day that launches you into the weekend!  Fridays are anticipated in a very positive way and, similarly, the businesses we launch play a positive role in the lives of the women entrepreneurs who own them. So we’re serving up a triple scoop of fun to our followers and further boosting that positive Friday vibe that says ‘Happy weekend!


  1. Another reason to look forward to Friday!!

  2. YAY! That’s great news for all of the new brands. Excited to see what you have up your sleeve :)

  3. I look forward to seeing who is {Freshly Launched} and having three women featured triples the pleasure!


  4. Can’t wait to check out the new brands!

  5. Sounds fabulous!!!

  6. What a great idea! Being “Freshly Launched” is such an honor. Thank you ladies.

  7. Awesome news!

  8. Great news! Look forward to seeing all the great featured Freshly Launched brands!

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