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your love, on February 14th

We’re taking a minute on this LOVE-ly day to share a few things we love right now.  3 things, to be exact.  Of course, you know we love our friends and family, that goes without saying, but here are a few things that make our hearts sing

{ Aimee from byAimee }

  1. my new trek seven.three bike
  2. my camera’s lightscoopthe lovely list on LaunchHER
  3. the Southern California beach!

{ Tracy at LaunchHER }

  1. coffee
  2. pretty flowers in vases
  3. bbq dinners – with all the fixings!

{ Kristen at Ahoy Graphics }

  1. bookbinding
  2. going out and having fun with our “weekend buddies”
  3. fruit… lots of fruit… any fruit, really.

{ Kara at LaunchHER }

  1. Downton Abbey
  2. nikko blue hydrangeas
  3. the color red

{Tiffany Silverberg, Writer & Consultant}

  1. Chocolate.
  2. Yarn.
  3. Books.

Thanks to Aimee, Kristen, and Tiffany for sharing their loves.  It’s your turn now…we’re excited to hear what YOU love!

{photo credit :: Tracy Corcoran, Rae Dunn Clay also featured here.}


  1. 1. Kyra Sedgewick and The Closer
    2. The Kindle Fire
    3. My Atyou Spica pens

  2. Other than my 2 lovely children

    1. my parakeets
    2. high heels (my heart skips a beat)
    3. traveling

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