Freshly Launched Women in Business :: Le bibble

Freshly Launched :: Le bibble

Launched :: Michelle Cloney

LaunchHER says :: Keep those dribbles on your bibble! Michelle’s baby bottle bibs are perfectly darling and will help keep the heap in your laundry hamper to a minimum. Yay Le bibble!

Just for LaunchHER readers :: Use coupon code Launch12 to receive 20% orders through August 2012!

In HER words :: Launched in 2010, I designed Le bibble® to solve the problem of messy bottle feedings. Using Le bibble®, you never have to put down the bottle to interrupt feeding.  You can just turn and swipe!

I’ve always loved bright, colorful patterns and fabric, so I incorporated that aesthetic into Le bibble’s® design. Available in array of ‘happy’ designer fabrics, each bib has a super-absorbent organic birds-eye cotton underlay for wiping away dribbles. I also incorporated a large looped tag with our logo dots off the edge to give baby something to play with and focus on during feeding as many babies have a hard time transitioning from breast to bottle.

Le bibble® is sold in over 100 boutiques in the US and internationally — including Paris! A second collection is launching late April 2012.

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