Freshly Launched Women in Business :: Tuckadream

Freshly Launched :: Tuckadream

Launched :: Sarina Galu

LaunchHER says :: Tuck a happy dream into your child’s Tuckadream pillow and dismiss their nightmares with a kiss. What a simple but fabulously innovative idea!

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In HER words :: Facing bedtime troubles with my three year old son, Tucker, I hoped to find a way to replace his restless thoughts with positive dreams.

I handmade a pillow with a very special pocket intended to secure his pleasant dreams and provide him positive reinforcement and comfort throughout the night. We talk about happy thoughts and record them in a dreamkeeper journal, then tuck it in the pillow pocket. This nightly routine helps end his day on a positive note and helps him sleep well.

Tuckadream pillows help kids express their dreams, goals, wishes and hopes and to communicate openly with their parents.

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