Freshly Launched Women in Business :: Nostalgic Summer

Freshly Launched :: Nostalgic Summer Vintage Inspired Jewelry on Etsy

Launched :: Renee S. Dittrich

LaunchHER says :: Renee strings together vintage pearls, beads and other unique treasures to make memories into wearable art.

Just for LaunchHER readers :: Use coupon code FRESHLAUNCH to receive 15% off in Nostalgic Summer’s Etsy shop.

In HER words :: As the owner and creator of Nostalgic Summer Vintage Inspired Jewelry, my passion is uncovering memories, honoring the past, and creating artifacts with new meaning for the future. Nostalgic Summer is my dream, my passion, and my leap of faith.

The small things in life have always caught my eye. Every day we run into tiny keys, shiny trinkets, jewels and items of all kinds. The more stories a piece has to tell, worn by time, the more precious it becomes.

My vision is to take these artifacts, long forgotten, and craft new memories and experiences, giving new life to the memories we hold close.

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