Freshly Launched Women in Business :: The 7th Crow

Freshly Launched :: The 7th Crow on Etsy

Launched :: Jamie Johnson

LaunchHER says ::  Jamie’s goal as a jeweler is “to feature the undiscovered items that are often lost in an age of chain retailers and commercial advertising.” Cheers to that, fellow artisans!

Just for LaunchHER readers :: Use coupon code T7CLaunchHer to receive 15% off your purchase at The 7th Crow. Offer expires December 31, 2012.

In HER words ::  As a lover of fashion and modern styles, as well as a stay home mom to two boys, I have learned the importance of a well-made piece of jewelry.  My love for making jewelry began with the task of repairing jewelry that had been tugged on one too many times by a toddler, and by November 2010, I took the leap and opened my own shop on Etsy selling my handmade designs.  It is my mission to make sturdy, affordable, unique, modern and fashionable jewelry for women of all walks of life.  My motto is “Kid Tested and Mommy Approved”!

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  1. Love it!! Congrats TAG Sister!!!

  2. I can attest to how well her peices are made! All three of my little ones pull on my beautiful 7th Crow necklace and it’s still in one piece! Congratulations, Jamie!

  3. I am a HUGE fan of Jamie’s work, not to mention that she is one of the loveliest people on the planet!! Congratulations!!!! xoxo

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