Freshly Launched Women in Business :: Sheer Addiction Jewelry

Freshly Launched :: Sheer Addiction Jewelry

Launched :: Tamara Schafhauser

LaunchHER Says :: Inspired by everything from Swiss ski chalets to Minneapolis art openings, each piece of jewelry created by Tamara tells a story.

In HER Words :: I design a collection of jewelry where every piece works together but with endless combinations you can make the look all your own. From the centuries-old flea markets of Paris and Belgium to New York’s most hidden basement bead houses — I source unique chains, brass stampings, crystals, pendants, stones, and charms to create one-of-a-kind jewelry. I fell in love with jewelry design years ago, and have turned my passion into my own expressive art form. My favorite designs are those inspired by movies and history. I collect and re-purposes brass metals from across the world — always aiming to craft necklaces, bracelets, and earrings that point to diverse history and tell a story. I strive to create pieces that are bold yet basic, sophisticated yet subtle — created for clients who enjoy wearing distinctive handmade pieces.

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Freshly Launched Women in Business :: Shaka Soap

Freshly Launched :: Shaka Soap

Launched :: Jessica Taylor

LaunchHER Says :: Jessica blends natural ingredients with Hawaiian-inspired scents and visuals to create skin-nourishing products.

In HER Words :: Jessica Taylor, mom of two and founder of Shaka Soap, fell in love with the amazing culture and beauty of Hawaii. Appreciation for the land and sea is time-honored by the Hawaiian people, and something Jessica desperately wanted to creatively emulate. Thus began Shaka Soap.

What began as a hobby quickly became a passion for Jessica. She has moved from cold process soaps to glycerin, lotions and lip balms, and enjoys researching every aspect from initial ingredients to finished product. Living on the Big Island of Hawaii, her creativity is constantly stimulated, keeping her eager and excited to create.

5 Tips For Every Working Mom

We juggle, balance, stretch, and finagle to get as much done as we can in a day.  Whether you work from home, outside the home, or stay at home, here are 5 tips any working mom can for working moms

  1. Be an Early Bird – Jenny Ford of Monkey-Toes Shoes swears by getting up before her little darlings so she can get a jump start on emails and her “to do” list for the day.  Even if this means a early wake-up call, Jenny says it has been a “huge help in her 10+ years of working from home as a mom.”
  2. Drink HOT  Coffee – There’s almost nothing worse than cold coffee, but who has time to actually sit down and drink a entire cup during the morning rush? Tracy at LaunchHER likes to pour her morning coffee directly into a to-go mug, even if she’s not leaving the house immediately.  “The good travel mugs keep coffee hot for hours,” Tracy says, “and it’s one less thing to worry about.”
  3. Prioritize, Seriously! – We know you have heard it before, but setting priorities can make a big difference and Kate of Kate’s Thoughts for Food can attest to this.  “On really busy work days, I create a prioritized lists of to do’s to tackle  during nap or day-care time.  That way I am able to focus on what I really need to get done when I am able to do so and I know that some of the items lower on my list can get pushed to a different day,” says Kate.
  4. Be Present –  Ditch the mommy guilt, and gain focus. “Be totally present where you are. Enjoy being at work when you are at work and make the most of the time when you are with your children. It is not about how much time you spend at either but the quality of the time you do spend. Be present in the space you are in.” comments Molly, Owner at Luxaby Baby & Child.
  5. Have a Back-up Plan – On occasion, even the most meticulously planned workday can get spoiled.  A sitter calls in sick, or you have a client with an urgent need.  “I keep some special activities on reserve for when something unplanned comes up and I need to keep him distracted for 10 minutes!”  says Kate of Kate’s Thoughts for Food. They’re having fun, and you can get to that hot button work issue – sounds like a winning plan.

Freshly Launched Women in Business :: Dough a Deer

Freshly Launched :: Dough a Deer

Launched :: Nicole Anderson

LaunchHER Says ::Nicole’s tiny confections makes those mini donuts at the State Fair look sad, sad, sad.  Dough-a-Deer‘s posh donuts are overflowing with fun…and sprinkles!

In HER Words :: Dough a Deer is a company I started in 2010. We provide the most unique of treats: baked (not fried) mini doughnuts that are flavor and color customizable! We bake in small batches and decorate everything by hand. Your guests will be surprised at the cute little doughnuts at your event! We have three doughnut sizes as well as pops, truffles and mini tiers! At Dough a Deer, there is something for everyone!

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Freshly Launched Women in Business :: Nikki, in Stitches

Freshly Launched :: Nikki, in Stitches

Launched :: Nikki McGonigal

LaunchHER Says :: Grab a cup of chai and curl up into a comfy chair with Nikki! Via her web site, Nikki welcomes you into her home and does crafts with you. Her shop sells craft tutorials, kits and eBooks.

In HER Words :: Nikki, In Stitches started as a place for crafters of all skill levels to come for DIY’s, tutorials, and tips for crafts from all mediums. It has grown bigger than I ever could have dreamed! In addition to all of the crafty fun, it is now the place to find handmade hair accessories for all your favorite girls…from your newest little bundles of joy to a mom-on-the-run, there is something for every age and style!

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Freshly Launched Women in Business :: Lauren Nicole Gifts

Freshly Launched :: Lauren Nicole Gifts

Launched :: Denise Freidhoff

LaunchHER Says :: Denise gets personal! She makes intricate, custom keepsakes like silver pendants embellished with your child’s hand print, fingerprint, portrait or artwork! Magic!

In HER Words :: I am Denise, owner of Lauren Nicole Gifts, and I love to make custom pieces that are personalized and have lots of meaning. As I follow my husband around with his Army career I set up a workshop wherever we go so that I can keep designing and creating jewelry and gifts.  I am very passionate about what I do and absolutely love hand-crafting each and every piece to order.  I enjoy working with silver, other types of metals, and beads.  My favorite pieces to make are baby footprint and hand print jewelry.

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Celebrating 200 {freshly launched}

Yippee! We are celebrating reaching another Freshly Launched milestone…200 Freshly Launched Features.  That means 200 women have been able to show off their businesses, share their passions, and express their missions – all right her on

Freshly Launched is at the heart of what we do at LaunchHER.  We love the tradition of helping to “launch” women business owners and watching them dream big.  Freshly Launched is our way of giving back.  This free feature is more popular than ever with hundreds of submissions each year, and we read through every single one. Every. Single. One.  Even though we cannot launch each submission that comes in, we truly enjoy the process of connecting with so many brilliant women business owners.

Today, we sent a little gift to the most recent “Class of 100” Freshly Launched women businesses featured…would you like a sneak peek at what they got?

This printable was created exclusively for LaunchHER by Kim Stoegbauer of the TomKat Studio – we adore Kim!


Freshly Launched Women in Business :: KathrynDesigns Jewelry

Freshly Launched :: KathrynDesigns Jewelry

Launched :: Kathryn Doll

LaunchHER says :: Kathryn uses polymer clay to create Old World-looking pieces for the New World jewelry lover.

Just for LaunchHER readers :: Use coupon code SHIP4FREE in the KathrynDesigns shop before June 15, 2012 to receive free shipping in the US and Canada.

In HER words :: My name is Kathryn Doll and my jewelry business grew out of a lifelong passion for art and a desire to reconnect with my artistic side after many years of working as a social worker and therapist.  I became fascinated with polymer clay because it is a medium with endless possibilities.  I have worked to develop a unique style using innovative mixed media techniques with polymer clay and resin.  My one of a kind jewelry creations feature luminous colors and bold designs.  I am so grateful for the opportunity to pursue my dream business at this time in my life!

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Freshly Launched Women in Business :: Cartoules Press

Freshly Launched :: Cartoules Press

Launched :: Julie Karatzis

LaunchHER says :: Julie brings a modern, European flair to her paperie business – ironically, using a printing press built in 1887!

Just for LaunchHER readers :: Use coupon code LAUNCHHER15 to receive 15% off ready-made items in the Cartoules Press shop. Shipping not included. Expires June 1, 2012.

In HER words :: Cartoules is Greek for “Little Cards.” I’m a small design and letterpress studio located in sunny Belmont Shore, California.

I’ve always appreciated the art of quality-made stationery and the craft of letterpress. Because my husband and I wed in Greece, our invitations needed to be bilingual. After printing them together, and having enjoyed our experience so much, we set up shop! Everything is designed and printed in-house utilizing photopolymer plates, on an 1887 Golding & Co. Pearl Press, and a 1926 Chander & Price. I’m up for almost any challenge, but especially love working on wedding invitations and personalized stationery.

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Freshly Launched Women in Business :: Pitter Pattern Designs

Freshly Launched :: Pitter Pattern Designs on Etsy

Launched :: Ann Stoermer

LaunchHER says :: Take a soak with a Strawberry Champagne Cupcake soap. There’s something worth getting dirty or sweaty for!

Just for LaunchHER readers :: Receive 10% off your purchase when you use coupon code  LAUNCHED12. Expires August 31, 2012.

In HER words :: Pitter Pattern Designs aspires to make fun and beautiful bath products with high quality oils and butters.  Working with color is something I love, which is evident in my soap and packaging.  A lot of care goes into the design and execution of each soap and body product I make. It is particularly rewarding for me to make custom favors for events.  I customize colors, scents, and even labels. In the end, it is all about creating a gift giving experience that is enjoyable, whether for others or for yourself.  I love what I do, and I hope it shows.

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