5 Tips For Every Working Mom

We juggle, balance, stretch, and finagle to get as much done as we can in a day.  Whether you work from home, outside the home, or stay at home, here are 5 tips any working mom can appreciate.tips for working moms

  1. Be an Early Bird – Jenny Ford of Monkey-Toes Shoes swears by getting up before her little darlings so she can get a jump start on emails and her “to do” list for the day.  Even if this means a early wake-up call, Jenny says it has been a “huge help in her 10+ years of working from home as a mom.”
  2. Drink HOT  Coffee – There’s almost nothing worse than cold coffee, but who has time to actually sit down and drink a entire cup during the morning rush? Tracy at LaunchHER likes to pour her morning coffee directly into a to-go mug, even if she’s not leaving the house immediately.  “The good travel mugs keep coffee hot for hours,” Tracy says, “and it’s one less thing to worry about.”
  3. Prioritize, Seriously! – We know you have heard it before, but setting priorities can make a big difference and Kate of Kate’s Thoughts for Food can attest to this.  “On really busy work days, I create a prioritized lists of to do’s to tackle  during nap or day-care time.  That way I am able to focus on what I really need to get done when I am able to do so and I know that some of the items lower on my list can get pushed to a different day,” says Kate.
  4. Be Present –  Ditch the mommy guilt, and gain focus. “Be totally present where you are. Enjoy being at work when you are at work and make the most of the time when you are with your children. It is not about how much time you spend at either but the quality of the time you do spend. Be present in the space you are in.” comments Molly, Owner at Luxaby Baby & Child.
  5. Have a Back-up Plan – On occasion, even the most meticulously planned workday can get spoiled.  A sitter calls in sick, or you have a client with an urgent need.  “I keep some special activities on reserve for when something unplanned comes up and I need to keep him distracted for 10 minutes!”  says Kate of Kate’s Thoughts for Food. They’re having fun, and you can get to that hot button work issue – sounds like a winning plan.


  1. Brilliant advice! :) Thanks for sharing, ladies, and for being a great source of inspiration!

  2. Great advice as I am contemplating a WAHM.

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