Freshly Launched Women in Business :: Dough a Deer

Freshly Launched :: Dough a Deer

Launched :: Nicole Anderson

LaunchHER Says ::Nicole’s tiny confections makes those mini donuts at the State Fair look sad, sad, sad.  Dough-a-Deer‘s posh donuts are overflowing with fun…and sprinkles!

In HER Words :: Dough a Deer is a company I started in 2010. We provide the most unique of treats: baked (not fried) mini doughnuts that are flavor and color customizable! We bake in small batches and decorate everything by hand. Your guests will be surprised at the cute little doughnuts at your event! We have three doughnut sizes as well as pops, truffles and mini tiers! At Dough a Deer, there is something for everyone!

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