Freshly Launched Women in Business :: Shaka Soap

Freshly Launched :: Shaka Soap

Launched :: Jessica Taylor

LaunchHER Says :: Jessica blends natural ingredients with Hawaiian-inspired scents and visuals to create skin-nourishing products.

In HER Words :: Jessica Taylor, mom of two and founder of Shaka Soap, fell in love with the amazing culture and beauty of Hawaii. Appreciation for the land and sea is time-honored by the Hawaiian people, and something Jessica desperately wanted to creatively emulate. Thus began Shaka Soap.

What began as a hobby quickly became a passion for Jessica. She has moved from cold process soaps to glycerin, lotions and lip balms, and enjoys researching every aspect from initial ingredients to finished product. Living on the Big Island of Hawaii, her creativity is constantly stimulated, keeping her eager and excited to create.


  1. Congratulations, Jessica! Your products look yummy!

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