Freshly Launched Women in Business :: Art Queen Claire

Freshly Launched :: Art Queen Claire on Etsy

Launched :: Claire Lee

LaunchHER Says :: If you love flowers, you’ll love Claire. She puts blossoms on everything and, as you can see from her photo, has personality to spare!

In HER Words ::  Flowers abound in my artwork of bead weaving and flower jewelry…all inspired by the garden outside the home I call my castle.

I hand make flowers from strips of fabric and, like the crazy Queen I am, go to endless lengths to match adornments for my treasures or I incorporate flowers into my beading.

I’ve retired into the job I always wanted to have, creating pretty things.  The ArtQueenClaire moniker came from my It’s Good To Be Queen! art, and it stuck.  My first Etsy shop is called Red4Short.  For that shop I crochet, knit and make paper art.

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  1. Bev Peterson says:

    I’ve been to Claire’s home and can attest to her gorgeous, flower laden garden. There are always fresh cut flowers on the dining room table and a view of the garden from every window. She’s serious about her art (but with a sense of humor) and just to know her is to be inspired!

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