Freshly Launched Women in Business :: For My Sweet Daughter

Freshly Launched :: For My Sweet Daughter

Launched :: Shannon Chomanczuk

LaunchHER Says :: Shannon makes a lot of great jewelry. Her copper etched pieces, which take days to make by hand, are truly remarkable.

In HER Words :: I am a wife, salon owner, nail artist, jewelry designer and most importantly a mother. I began creating jewelry eight years ago after attending a jewelry party. The birth of my daughter in 2009 was a turning point in my life. Her birth has given me a clear design vision, something I didn’t know was missing.

I never tire of making jewelry and can often be found at the dining room table into the wee hours of the morning. Then, about a year ago I started creating my own line of etched copper beads and pendants. I love the feeling of manipulating the metal into beautiful pieces of wearable art. I combine my etched copper pieces with artisan made beads and a whimsical mix of gemstones and crystals.


  1. Great Talent! What a great feature!

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