Freshly Launched Women in Business :: Graceline Paper Studio

Freshly Launched :: Graceline Paper Studio on Etsy

Launched :: Karen Hornsten

LaunchHER Says :: Karen discovered Kusudama origami art when her daughter and Navy son-in-law were stationed in Japan. Today she makes beautiful things with folded paper in America.

In HER Words :: Graceline Paper Studio was launched as an Etsy shop in 2010. I provide customers with a variety of choices of origami kusudama wedding packages, home decorations and bouquets, and many gift choices, all handmade from paper. My shop specializes in paper flowers, hand folded origami style, with six petals and beautiful embellishments. I love to customize orders for brides to make their wedding special. All work can be customized in my shop. I pride myself on a good customer service experience, staying in contact every step of the way with orders and shipping notifications.

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