Freshly Launched Women in Business :: Knit Girl in Idaho

Freshly Launched :: Knit Girl in Idaho

Launched :: Reni LeBard

LaunchHer Says ::  Hmm, Reni’s personalized stitch markers. If I send some to Grandma with my photo on them, maybe she’ll knit an afghan for me? (Sneaky laugh.)

In HER Words :: I specialize in creating personalized and novelty stitch markers that are used in knitting and crochet.  By taking a photo of your child, pet, or best friend, I can turn that photo into a keepsake charm and put the fun in an otherwise functional stitch marker.  I can also put your personal logo or design, names, dates, quotes, or phrases on the charms.

Aside from personalized charms, my most popular stitch markers are the Jane Austen, the Owls and my own signature Knit Girl & Yarn Snob stitch markers.  If you aren’t a knitter, I also create custom wine charms!

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  1. I’m learning how to knit, so I’ll keep this shop in mind!

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