Freshly Launched Women in Business :: Little Stomper

Freshly Launched :: Little Stomper

Launched :: Claire X

LaunchHER Says :: Little Stomper is the ultimate online kid’s shoe store. If only they made those Cassidy pink hi-tops in adult size eight. Sigh.

In HER Words :: Little Stomper is an online kids footwear store focusing on funky footwear for your children’s feet.  We’re all about great brands that offer quality products that are comfy and cool! We believe you don’t have to compromise on style or quality to sport funky and functional footwear. It’s important for your little stomper to have proper shoes but that doesn’t mean they can’t stomp in style!

Many of our brands also have great ethical credentials. We make sure we sell not just the brands you already know and love, but also some kooky designers we’ve found and know you’ll love!!

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  1. Go Claire. x

  2. Theresa Archbold says:

    She works very hard I’am hoping she makes us millionaires

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