Freshly Launched Women in Business :: Luv Handles

Freshly Launched :: Luv Handles

Launched :: Tia Song Roberts

LaunchHER Says :: Tia make pretty gifts by embellishing everything from candy scoops to salad tongs with gorgeous bead work.

In HER Words :: I have FINALLY found a Luv Handle that men, women, children, brides, sushi lovers, coffee lovers, wine lovers and hostesses all love. These are the Luv Handles you will LOVE to grab!

The idea was sparked while I was doing what I love: hosting! Our friends joined us one night for dinner and brought a salad in a glass bowl with cute beaded servers. I couldn’t stop thinking about them and I knew I had to have some, so I set out to find them.  To my surprise I couldn’t find the style I was looking for. The others that I found were not as fully beaded, glamorous or beautiful.  So, I decided to make my own.  Then instantly friends and family were asking for their own and Luv Handles was born.  It has been such an amazing fun ride and I love every part of this unpredictable journey!

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