Freshly Launched Women in Business :: Mossy Creek Soap

Freshly Launched :: Mossy Creek Soap

Launched :: Michelle Rhoades

LaunchHER Says :: Michelle brings her southern style to the art of handcrafting soap. She teaches artisan soap-making classes and sells luxury soap and bath products in her virtual shop.

In HER Words :: A certified soap maker and teacher with the Handcrafted Soapmakers Guild, I offer group soap making instruction, bath and body business consultations and private classroom instruction. I create wedding favor soaps and artisan-styled soap for sale on my website and on Etsy.

In the fall of 2011, I received national attention with my Coffee Soap by appearing on the online “Holiday Gift Guide for Her.” Also appearing in the Handcrafted Soap-making Soap Calendar for 2012, in April I participated in a celebrity gifting opportunity for Earth Day 2012. I have been featured in The Telegraph Newspaper, Fox News 24 and 13WMAZ.

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