Freshly Launched Women in Business :: Rags to Stitches

Freshly Launched :: Rags to Stitches

Launched :: Alissa Circle

LaunchHER Says :: Cute patterns and bows abound on Alissa’s adorable blog and shopping site, Rags to Stitches. She’s a trend watcher with a lot of heart!

In HER Words :: My name is Alissa, I’m the author of the creative lifestyle blog, Rags to Stitches. Alongside my blog, I design fashionable accessories for all types of women, all with something in common – the desire for trend-conscious items that make life easier. I’m always designing new products and researching trends to create items that make women look good, but most importantly make them feel good.

My passions thrive within my family. With two children and an amazing husband I find myself busy with a full heart. Rags to Stitches is an extension of that.

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  1. Joanne Bachran says:

    That’s my wonderfully talented daughter!!!

  2. Congrats Alissa! So happy for you!!!

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