Freshly Launched Women in Business :: Easy Made Invitations

Freshly Launched :: Easy Made Invitations

Launched :: Lindsay Garrett

LaunchHER Says :: If you’re looking for something extra special, Lindsay is your gal. She will teach you to make your own invitations, or you can visit her Etsy shop.

In HER Words :: Years ago I discovered that I really enjoyed making invitations for the celebrations in my children’s lives.  Last year I began my website as a place where moms like myself could go to find creative ideas for making their own invitations.  I write tutorials for all the invites on my site in hopes that other women will gain a spark of creativity and make their own handmade invitations for all the special occasions in their lives.

For those busy moms who are short on time, I also opened my Etsy shop and take custom orders for all my invitation designs.

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  1. Congrats Lindsay on the feature and being launched. Nothing but the best :) xoxo Val

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