Freshly Launched Women in Business :: eye on the sparrow designs

Freshly Launched :: eye on the sparrow designs on Etsy

Launched :: Abbie Chesney

LaunchHER Says :: Abbie turned her sadness into something lovely when she began making jewelry out of recycled bass and guitar strings.

In HER Words :: Grief is a beast.  There’s nothing worse.  In my journey to tame my grief I began eye on the sparrow designs after the death of my dear friend Carter Albrecht.  An amazingly talented musician lost his life in a tragic chain of events leaving Dallas without one of it’s finest musicians.  In a search to make sense of this loss, eye on the sparrow designs was born.  I help musicians reach their dreams one step at a time through the creation of jewelry designs made from recycled bass and guitar strings – in an effort to give back to the community!

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