What’s on YOUR summer bucket list?

Summer can come and go in the blink of an eye.  We asked LaunchHER League Members to share what’s on their Summer Bucket Lists and we want to know what’s on yours too! LH summer bucket list

  • “Journal every night to caputre my thoughts from the day:  the kindness I experienced so I can express my gratefulness for it, the negative thoughts so I can process through them, and etc.  Read a non-business related book…just plain fluff.  I am totally planning on being inspired…we’ll see how it goes.  Take a bath (not a shower), well really having an at-home spa day once a week where I focus on me.”
  • “I’m planning on taking advantage of all the local events this Summer and really getting to know the city we’re stationed in. To go beyond the typical activities that we do on the weekend: Surfing Competition, Farmer Markets, Camping/Mountain Hiking, and Ocean Kayaking.”
-Kristen, Ahoy Graphics
  • “On my must-do list for the summer is to spend time with my husband and our new puppy, visit the local farmer’s market as frequently as possible, and enjoy all of the family celebrations in June and July – 9 birthdays and 6 anniversaries in a 6 week span!”
  • “spend every weekend at the beach with our 4 & 2 year old’s. enjoy the sand, beach, family time.”
-Aimee, Aimee & Co.
  • “The main thing I need to get done this summer is create my Fall line and schedule the photo shoot!”
-Charity, MadiBella
  • “Being a foodie, summer produce is like a good addiction.  I plan on cooking as many meals as possible featuring local tomatoes, corn, squash, peaches, you name it!  Yum!”
  • “Lots of swimming and frozen custard.”
  • “Lemonade stand with my kids, cones at my favorite ice cream shop, and fish tacos!”
-Tracy, LaunchHER
We want to hear from you!  What’s on your Summer Bucket List?


  1. reading, learning, farmers markets, walking, fishing, connecting, festivals, anything is possible!

  2. Growing/Canning/Freezing enough zucchini, tomatoes, beans, peas, pickles to make it thru the winter, read my magazines the same month they arrive, family fun, sleeping past 5:30 am and playing with my kids:)

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