Freshly Launched Women in Business :: Magic Senses

Freshly Launched :: Magic Senses

Launched :: Betty Miller

LaunchHER Says :: Betty’s soaps combine lovely scents, pretty presentation and healthy ingredients that will delight your nose and pamper your skin.

In HER Words :: I founded Magic Senses® in 2005. We specialize in designer vegetable glycerin soap that is beautifully handmade and doesn’t dry your skin!

Our soap collections cover irresistible fragrances and fun designs, continuing the tradition of uniqueness we have embraced for so many years. For soap-o-holics like us, we created our Monthly Soap Subscriptions.

We take pride in the quality and craftsmanship of our products and thanks to The Artisan Group™, our designer soap was gifted to celebrities at GBK’s Academy Awards Gift Lounge! We were also featured on, in San Joaquin Magazine and in Debbi K. Kickham’s book, The Globetrotter’s Get Gorgeous Guide.

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Freshly Launched Women in Business :: Libby Lane Press

Freshly Launched :: Libby Lane Press on Etsy

Launched :: Nicolle Spitulnik

LaunchHER Says :: During her first year in business Nicole was a Martha Stewart “Doer of the Week” and her custom printables were featured in Parenting magazine. Amazing, Nicole! We’re proud of you!

In HER Words :: I was just your average stay-at-home mom on hiatus from teaching after having my son in June 2010. Being a lover of all things crafty and always having countless overlapping projects, I was unable to just stay home and “enjoy this time” as often directed by other mothers. When the time arrived to start planning my son’s first birthday, I searched for the perfect invitation and inspirational party ideas. I found that perfect invitation on Etsy and while doing so I also discovered a new love for design. Libby Lane Press officially opened its doors at the beginning of June 2011 and has been thriving since. What began as a dream in a little office next to the playroom has blossomed into a business that has big plans ahead.

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Freshly Launched Women in Business :: Studio Lakshmi

Freshly Launched :: Studio Lakshmi on Etsy

Launched :: Lakshmi

LaunchHER Says :: Lakshmi’s dahlias delight. Her tulips are tremendous. Her birch trees are beyond beautiful. Lakshmi has a way with color that is truly fresh and vibrant!

In HER Words :: I create colorful original art, illustrations and patterns inspired by nature. My love for color and art is deeply influenced by my Indian heritage. If I’m not playing with my paints and canvas, I’m doodling away intricate patterns and designs that I digitally color up.

My aim is to create artwork that will revitalize and energize your home ! In 2012 , I will introduce my illustrations on art prints and other paper goods.

I am a mom and wife living in Sydney, Australia. Come visit me on my blog. I hope I can add a bit of color to your life!

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Freshly Launched Women in Business :: Hot Lollies

Freshly Launched :: Hot Lollies on Etsy

Launched :: Maria

LaunchHER Says :: Maria blogs and sells hot yet sweet, special occasion and personalized lollipops in flavors like mango-habanero and ginger-spice. We’ll take a dozen … with a side pitcher of icy margaritas!

In HER Words :: I started Hot Lollies after years of obsessing over spicy foods and sweets. I first had spicy candy in Mexico over ten years ago and have searched high and low for candies infused with chilies. After coming up short in my search for flavor and heat I decided to make my own lollipops. I wanted natural lollipops made the old-fashion way – with sugar, my favorite tropical fruits, but with a kick from chile peppers.

I now make my spicy lollipops as personalized favors for weddings, baby showers, birthdays or any special event. It’s the perfect treat for when you want something unique and fun.

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Freshly Launched Women in Business :: Four Black Paws

Freshly Launched :: Four Black Paws on Etsy

Launched :: Sarah Struett

LaunchHER Says :: When Sarah makes a customer happy, someone’s bound to get licked! Her doggie collars and dog bed covers will put a twinkle in your pup’s eye.

In HER Words :: Four Black Paws started out rather simply, with me designing collars for my Labrador Retriever, Leila. Eventually I found myself experimenting with fun and unique designs, making collars for family and friends. Fast forward to 2012 and my small business has exploded onto the web with homemade collars, leashes and accessories.

This year I’ve had the good fortune of having my products included in GBK Productions “swag bags” for both the Academy Awards and the MTV Movie Awards through The Artisan Group. It’s been awesome to see celebrities Tweet photos of their pets wearing collars I designed!

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Freshly Launched Women in Business :: UUPP Shop

Freshly Launched :: UUPP {Uplifting Prints} Shop on Etsy

Launched :: Carrie Hartman

LaunchHER Says :: Carrie’s here to spread the love! She makes modern, playful art for the home, centered around quotes that can put a smile on anyone’s face.

In HER Words :: My store, UUPP, is a delightful place full of high-quality, original home décor art prints. UUPP came about after I designed an uplifting art print for someone very dear to me, who was going through a difficult time. I decided to keep designing art prints with positive and fun messages.  My work is about some of life’s simple joys; from family and friends, to faith and love, my passion for cooking (and Julia Child) and my endless devotion to Mr. Darcy. I enjoy combining vintage textures, my drawings, typography, and fresh color to create work that is playful and modern.

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Freshly Launched Women in Business :: Hot Tot

Freshly Launched :: Hot Tot

Launched :: Megan Gage

LaunchHER Says :: Megan makes it safe to spike or curl your baby’s hair! Her socially-responsible children’s hair products are toxin-free and fabulous.

In HER Words :: Hot Tot produces professional hair products for babies and children without the use of harmful chemicals.  We offer a complete line of specialized formulas that are ideal for tots birth through ten years old.  After my son was born, I was horrified to discover that common baby products contained dangerous toxins like formaldehyde.  I decided to channel my disgust into something positive and set out to create something that I actually wanted to use.  My products are healthy, effective, beautifully packaged and smell like a Cabbage Patch Doll (yes, they really do!).  We employ eco-friendly business practices and donate a portion of our proceeds to do our part to help make the word a better place.

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Freshly Launched Women in Business :: ideology

Freshly Launched :: ideology on Etsy

Launched :: Britt Baker

LaunchHER Says :: Britt fashions necklaces and earrings with a warm, Old World feel using chains, charms and stones. Pretty collection, Britt!

In HER Words :: My vision behind ideology grew out of my desire to develop jewelry that would be versatile enough to fit the many styles women have, while remaining affordable. With attention to current trends and those of the past, I try to fill my line with pieces that can work with both casual and dressed up looks. I enjoy creating pieces using elements such as charms, semi-precious gemstones, a variety of glass beads, combined with various metals and finishes. My hope is that women will want to keep and cherish their pieces of jewelry from ideology for many years to come.

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august 2012 bff’s {beyond.fabulous.finds.}

august bff’s


Ahh, summertime and the livin’ is easy. Reclining on a chaise in big Jackie-O sunglasses, sipping minty iced tea, watching the world go by. It’s perfection.

This month, LaunchHER suggests that you throw a stylish summertime soiree that supports women-owned brands. Give yourself and your guests memories of patio perfection to keep you warm long after the leaves have dropped from the trees and the kids have gone back to school.

To help you prepare your steamy social affair, we offer these BFFs – including pretty paper plates, patio lights and even a little something for you, the hostess of all things fabulous. Just add cocktails, music and good friends! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11.