Freshly Launched Women in Business :: Four Black Paws

Freshly Launched :: Four Black Paws on Etsy

Launched :: Sarah Struett

LaunchHER Says :: When Sarah makes a customer happy, someone’s bound to get licked! Her doggie collars and dog bed covers will put a twinkle in your pup’s eye.

In HER Words :: Four Black Paws started out rather simply, with me designing collars for my Labrador Retriever, Leila. Eventually I found myself experimenting with fun and unique designs, making collars for family and friends. Fast forward to 2012 and my small business has exploded onto the web with homemade collars, leashes and accessories.

This year I’ve had the good fortune of having my products included in GBK Productions “swag bags” for both the Academy Awards and the MTV Movie Awards through The Artisan Group. It’s been awesome to see celebrities Tweet photos of their pets wearing collars I designed!

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  1. Sarah’s designs are delightful.

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