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Freshly Launched :: Hot Lollies on Etsy

Launched :: Maria

LaunchHER Says :: Maria blogs and sells hot yet sweet, special occasion and personalized lollipops in flavors like mango-habanero and ginger-spice. We’ll take a dozen … with a side pitcher of icy margaritas!

In HER Words :: I started Hot Lollies after years of obsessing over spicy foods and sweets. I first had spicy candy in Mexico over ten years ago and have searched high and low for candies infused with chilies. After coming up short in my search for flavor and heat I decided to make my own lollipops. I wanted natural lollipops made the old-fashion way – with sugar, my favorite tropical fruits, but with a kick from chile peppers.

I now make my spicy lollipops as personalized favors for weddings, baby showers, birthdays or any special event. It’s the perfect treat for when you want something unique and fun.

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  1. Thank you ladies for featuring Hot Lollies, this is so awesome!

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