Freshly Launched Women in Business :: Hot Tot

Freshly Launched :: Hot Tot

Launched :: Megan Gage

LaunchHER Says :: Megan makes it safe to spike or curl your baby’s hair! Her socially-responsible children’s hair products are toxin-free and fabulous.

In HER Words :: Hot Tot produces professional hair products for babies and children without the use of harmful chemicals.  We offer a complete line of specialized formulas that are ideal for tots birth through ten years old.  After my son was born, I was horrified to discover that common baby products contained dangerous toxins like formaldehyde.  I decided to channel my disgust into something positive and set out to create something that I actually wanted to use.  My products are healthy, effective, beautifully packaged and smell like a Cabbage Patch Doll (yes, they really do!).  We employ eco-friendly business practices and donate a portion of our proceeds to do our part to help make the word a better place.

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  1. I love this concept–what a cool product line!

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