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Freshly Launched :: Libby Lane Press on Etsy

Launched :: Nicolle Spitulnik

LaunchHER Says :: During her first year in business Nicole was a Martha Stewart “Doer of the Week” and her custom printables were featured in Parenting magazine. Amazing, Nicole! We’re proud of you!

In HER Words :: I was just your average stay-at-home mom on hiatus from teaching after having my son in June 2010. Being a lover of all things crafty and always having countless overlapping projects, I was unable to just stay home and “enjoy this time” as often directed by other mothers. When the time arrived to start planning my son’s first birthday, I searched for the perfect invitation and inspirational party ideas. I found that perfect invitation on Etsy and while doing so I also discovered a new love for design. Libby Lane Press officially opened its doors at the beginning of June 2011 and has been thriving since. What began as a dream in a little office next to the playroom has blossomed into a business that has big plans ahead.

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