Freshly Launched Women in Business :: UUPP Shop

Freshly Launched :: UUPP {Uplifting Prints} Shop on Etsy

Launched :: Carrie Hartman

LaunchHER Says :: Carrie’s here to spread the love! She makes modern, playful art for the home, centered around quotes that can put a smile on anyone’s face.

In HER Words :: My store, UUPP, is a delightful place full of high-quality, original home décor art prints. UUPP came about after I designed an uplifting art print for someone very dear to me, who was going through a difficult time. I decided to keep designing art prints with positive and fun messages.  My work is about some of life’s simple joys; from family and friends, to faith and love, my passion for cooking (and Julia Child) and my endless devotion to Mr. Darcy. I enjoy combining vintage textures, my drawings, typography, and fresh color to create work that is playful and modern.

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