Freshly Launched Women In Busines :: Realia by Jen

Launched :: Realia by Jen

Launched :: Jen Scheffler

LaunchHER Says :: You know we are suckers for sparkles and baubles. No surprise, then, that we are absolutely smitten with Jen’s creations. From redfined vintage pieces to edgy, modern and completely on-trend, she’s got you covered, from wrist to neck to ear.

In HER Words :: Realia designer Jen Scheffler has always had a love for fashion and photography. Her world travels have cultivated her ability to find beauty wherever she goes and to appreciate a variety of art forms.  As an artist Jen’s style is ever-evolving, and her creations vary greatly from classic simplicity to an eclectic mix of fine metals and found objects. In her studio she is both an imaginative inventor and a pragmatic realist, reaching a balance to create pieces of jewelry that will make the wearer fall in love at first sight!

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Freshly Launched Women In Business :: Natures Images By Design

Freshly Launched :: Natures Images by Design

Launched :: Anita Miller

LaunchHER Says :: Glowing, vibrant fine art photography takes you around the world with images that take our breath away.

In HER Words :: For me, I feel like my camera is almost like an extension of me and it allows me to capture amazing images.  Although nature serves as an inspiration of a great portion of my photographs; I also enjoy documenting my travels.  My travel photographs reveal almost abstracted views of winding city streets and hilly vistas. I am happy that my work is featured on a range of products to include prints, images sets, notecards, calendars, custom-made coasters, and so much more. Knowing that my customers see what I see or feel what I feel when I take the photograph, is the greatest reward.

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Freshly Launched Women In Business :: Ampere


Freshly Launched :: Ampere

Launched :: Jiabei Chen

LaunchHER Says :: Gorgeous, decadent lingerie that feels custom-made, all from the comfort & privacy of your own home. Ohh la la!

In HER Words :: We founded Ampere because beautiful lingerie can make women feel confident and beautiful. Finding the proper fit, however, is challenging so we designed gorgeous pieces made of the finest materials in a wide range of sizes. Customers are sent a free measuring kit or given the opportunity to complete a fit questionnaire. One of Ampere’s 28 sizes is recommended to her and each order includes three sizes to try on in the comfort of her own home.  Free shipping, free returns and excellent customer service completes the Ampere experience. Ampere is sold exclusively online and set to launch Fall 2012.

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Freshly Launched Women in Business :: Rosy Toes Designs

Freshly Launched :: Rosy Toes Designs

Launched :: Lucy Chapman

LaunchHER Says :: We love Lucy! Our “Dear Santa” letters will include a request for one of her snuggly, eco-friendly blankets, made of felted luxury sweaters.

In HER Words :: I founded Rosy Toes Designs four years after starting my Etsy shop, Seasons Of Wool. I found my passion growing beyond the custom hats and mittens I’d been making. In 2012, I took the leap and opened Rosy Toes where I specialize in turning luxury natural fibers and up-cycled materials into felted bags, knit silk pouches, Cuddle-Up sweater blankets and fashion accessories. My inspiration comes from the natural world and my love of playing with fiber. Some favorites include wool, alpaca, recycled silk, and lambswool and cashmere sweaters. I love creating usable fiber art that can provide a lifetime of enjoyment!

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Freshly Launched Women In Business :: The Savvy Socialista

Freshly Launched :: The Savvy Socialista

Launched :: Jami Lindberg

LaunchHER Says :: We  love working with Jami! Offering a one-stop design shop,  done in a funky, fresh and so professional manner ~ what more could you ask for? Your brand will thank you.

In HER Words :: The Savvy Socialista is a one-of-a-kind boutique social media, graphic design, web development & networking studio.  I am the owner and CEO and I have hired almost exclusively, an all female team…we {HEART} our 2 guys that do some content development and videography.  My passion is female small businesses, although we have branched out some to help men build their brands and some larger businesses.  My main goal is that people fall madly in love with their brand and their custom built website and that in turn, helps build their social media presences to achieve the final goal of boosting sales!


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Freshly Launched Women in Business :: Genuine Leathers Designs

Freshly Launched :: Genuine Leathers Designs

Launched :: Rachel Leathers

LaunchHER Says :: The men in your lives will make a bold statement in a shirt from Rachel’s quality menswear line.

In HER Words :: Genuine Leathers Designs was born out of boredom and unemployment. As a costume industry professional I put my sewing skills back to work for myself. I want to bring about positive change, so I have designed quality men’s shirts made in my Los Angeles, CA studio proudly proclaiming, “American Made, Baby!”

The 100% cotton shirts are a new twist on an old favorite; bowling/Hawaiian style with an emphasis on the prints and coordinating colors for real impact! Each one is made with a passion for a well-made American product, and a desire to grow and put even more people back to work!

September’s Musing

Kara Jensen Zitnick Esq

It’s a sea of yellow here on the roads today. School is back in session, although four days in to September and the weather continues to be more July-like than Fall-ish.

I have always loved the start of the school year ~ it’s almost like New Year’s Day. A natural break in the rhythm and  busy-ness of our lives to re-adjust, re-affirm, re-energize and perhaps reflect. And so it is the same with business.

After thoughtful deliberation, Tracy has decided to step away from LaunchHER and focus on her family. With her oldest off to Kindergarten this week, the realization of how fast time really does seem to go has hit her. Tracy has been a wonderful asset to LaunchHER.  We will miss her and wish her all the best.

After a week spent with my husband and boys, making memories with wonderful grandparents, dear friends, and splashing at the pool,  I took my own time to reflect. In the past 8 months, LaunchHER has:

  • Moved in to its own office space {pictures to come!}
  • Had the honor & privilege to showcase over  200 women-owned ventures in our  {freshly launched} features
  •  Connected with our  Facebook community
  • Expanded our staff of creative & brilliant employees
  • Chatted with amazing women entrepreneurs in-person {Spark and Hustle}
  • Taken a bite out of the Big Apple by attending Fordham Law School’s Fashion Law Institute
  • Joined Pinterest and Instagram
  • Achieved business goals we have previously only dreamed of.

None of these milestones would have been possible without the fabulous and unwaivering support of the LaunchHER community. Every day I feel like I am living my dream. And it’s all because of you.

Thank You.