Freshly Launched Women In Busines :: Realia by Jen

Launched :: Realia by Jen

Launched :: Jen Scheffler

LaunchHER Says :: You know we are suckers for sparkles and baubles. No surprise, then, that we are absolutely smitten with Jen’s creations. From redfined vintage pieces to edgy, modern and completely on-trend, she’s got you covered, from wrist to neck to ear.

In HER Words :: Realia designer Jen Scheffler has always had a love for fashion and photography. Her world travels have cultivated her ability to find beauty wherever she goes and to appreciate a variety of art forms.  As an artist Jen’s style is ever-evolving, and her creations vary greatly from classic simplicity to an eclectic mix of fine metals and found objects. In her studio she is both an imaginative inventor and a pragmatic realist, reaching a balance to create pieces of jewelry that will make the wearer fall in love at first sight!

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