Freshly Launched Women in Business :: Genuine Leathers Designs

Freshly Launched :: Genuine Leathers Designs

Launched :: Rachel Leathers

LaunchHER Says :: The men in your lives will make a bold statement in a shirt from Rachel’s quality menswear line.

In HER Words :: Genuine Leathers Designs was born out of boredom and unemployment. As a costume industry professional I put my sewing skills back to work for myself. I want to bring about positive change, so I have designed quality men’s shirts made in my Los Angeles, CA studio proudly proclaiming, “American Made, Baby!”

The 100% cotton shirts are a new twist on an old favorite; bowling/Hawaiian style with an emphasis on the prints and coordinating colors for real impact! Each one is made with a passion for a well-made American product, and a desire to grow and put even more people back to work!

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