Freshly Launched Women In Business :: Natures Images By Design

Freshly Launched :: Natures Images by Design

Launched :: Anita Miller

LaunchHER Says :: Glowing, vibrant fine art photography takes you around the world with images that take our breath away.

In HER Words :: For me, I feel like my camera is almost like an extension of me and it allows me to capture amazing images.  Although nature serves as an inspiration of a great portion of my photographs; I also enjoy documenting my travels.  My travel photographs reveal almost abstracted views of winding city streets and hilly vistas. I am happy that my work is featured on a range of products to include prints, images sets, notecards, calendars, custom-made coasters, and so much more. Knowing that my customers see what I see or feel what I feel when I take the photograph, is the greatest reward.

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  1. Very nice feature :)
    Congrats !

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