Freshly Launched Women In Business :: The Savvy Socialista

Freshly Launched :: The Savvy Socialista

Launched :: Jami Lindberg

LaunchHER Says :: We  love working with Jami! Offering a one-stop design shop,  done in a funky, fresh and so professional manner ~ what more could you ask for? Your brand will thank you.

In HER Words :: The Savvy Socialista is a one-of-a-kind boutique social media, graphic design, web development & networking studio.  I am the owner and CEO and I have hired almost exclusively, an all female team…we {HEART} our 2 guys that do some content development and videography.  My passion is female small businesses, although we have branched out some to help men build their brands and some larger businesses.  My main goal is that people fall madly in love with their brand and their custom built website and that in turn, helps build their social media presences to achieve the final goal of boosting sales!


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