September’s Musing

Kara Jensen Zitnick Esq

It’s a sea of yellow here on the roads today. School is back in session, although four days in to September and the weather continues to be more July-like than Fall-ish.

I have always loved the start of the school year ~ it’s almost like New Year’s Day. A natural break in the rhythm and  busy-ness of our lives to re-adjust, re-affirm, re-energize and perhaps reflect. And so it is the same with business.

After thoughtful deliberation, Tracy has decided to step away from LaunchHER and focus on her family. With her oldest off to Kindergarten this week, the realization of how fast time really does seem to go has hit her. Tracy has been a wonderful asset to LaunchHER.  We will miss her and wish her all the best.

After a week spent with my husband and boys, making memories with wonderful grandparents, dear friends, and splashing at the pool,  I took my own time to reflect. In the past 8 months, LaunchHER has:

  • Moved in to its own office space {pictures to come!}
  • Had the honor & privilege to showcase over  200 women-owned ventures in our  {freshly launched} features
  •  Connected with our  Facebook community
  • Expanded our staff of creative & brilliant employees
  • Chatted with amazing women entrepreneurs in-person {Spark and Hustle}
  • Taken a bite out of the Big Apple by attending Fordham Law School’s Fashion Law Institute
  • Joined Pinterest and Instagram
  • Achieved business goals we have previously only dreamed of.

None of these milestones would have been possible without the fabulous and unwaivering support of the LaunchHER community. Every day I feel like I am living my dream. And it’s all because of you.

Thank You.




  1. Good Luck Tracy and thank you for all your help and inspiration and kind words when Cake It Up, LLC was a baby we are toddling along and LaunchHer and you have played such an integral part. I wish you God’s Blessings from Cake It Up, LLC and hope you pop back and forth for some guest posting inspiration for all of us! xo Birdie

  2. Best of luck to you Tracy! Thank you so much for helping Palm Beach Parties grow the first year in business! After our first initial phone call, I knew that this was a company that I wanted to be a part of and tried to implement your suggestions (and continue to do so). You were such a vital success to our first year and will miss you greatly!


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