Freshly Launched Women In Business :: Offbeat Invitations

Freshly Launched :: Offbeat Invitations by Nellia Designs

Launched :: Nell

LaunchHER Says :: Invites reminiscent of vintage sheet music, rustic chic and french burlap have us seriously thinking of staging a re-do on our own nuptials. Don’t settle for cookie-cutter invites. Nell’s creations are completely unique and won’t break the budget.

In HER Words :: I’m Nell & I design custom invitations! I’ve been making invitations full time since January 2009. Over the past couple years I’ve seen a larger demand for the non-traditional invitation. Couples are no longer planning cookie cutter weddings, and are looking for something that reflects their individual style. As a result, I opened Offbeat Invitations.

Offbeat Invitations caters to unique one-of-a-kind couples (so pretty much anyone!). I try to create something that stands out above the rest, and that guests will remember. Invitations are guests’ first glimpse at the upcoming wedding, so I feel they should have the “WOW” factor.

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