Freshly Launched Women In Business :: Percolating Design

Freshly Launched :: Percolating Design

Launched :: Deborah Wong

LaunchHER Says :: An eco-chic version of pearls ~ soft, cozy & chunky strands of purls! These simple but stunning strands could easily replace my scarves. Hmmm, a new trend on the horizon?

In HER Words :: Percolating Design is a fusion of my two creative passions: knitting and making jewelry. As a lifelong jewelry maker, I was inspired to transform yarn into jewelry when I learned to knit ten years ago. I launched Percolating Design in May with the purl necklace, my signature design. The purl necklace is a modern take on the classic strand of pearls and can be worn in multiple ways- it’s like having several accessories in one! I hand knit my necklaces from all-natural fibers, so they feel soft and luxurious against the skin. They’re perfect for women who want beautiful statement pieces that look as good as they feel.

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