Freshly Launched Women In Business :: Pink Lemonade

Freshly Launched :: Pink Lemonade

Launched :: Carey Grund

LaunchHER Says :: An inspirational book for girls with a recipe to build self-esteem and live a joyous life. Amazing quotes from fearless gals will inspire not only our daughters, but ourselves, too.

In HER Words :: Over a year ago, I started an online boutique called smilegram paper. I was fully dedicated to help children excel in handwriting and knew I offered cute and fun stationery products to meet the need. It was when my ten-year-old daughter came to me and asked why friendships are so tough sometimes; I instantly found myself building her inner strength with words of encouragement. As her uncertainty continued, my positive words embraced her. I suddenly realized I had so much more to offer than cute stationery for kids- I have a voice, a purpose, and a desire to make a difference. I began to write Pink Lemonade, an inspirational book for young girls built on the idea that contributing positivity to oneself and to others is the recipe for a joyous and successful life. Pink Lemonade teaches girls to turn “life’s lemons” into sweet lemonade through developing inner strength and confidence. Even the very worst situations in life can be made into something that will one day help girls to build self-confidence. Pink Lemonade is filled with words of encouragement and inspirational advice; shared by successful women across the country. I am so thankful for this opportunity to help girls believe in who they are and guide them to their very best achievements.

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