Freshly Launched Women In Business :: Rachael magazine

Freshly Launched :: Rachael magazine

Launched :: Rachael O’Bryan

LaunchHER Says :: We heart magazines.We heart gals who dream of doing something, and then DO IT. Introducing, Rachael magazine ~ a fabulous online magazine for you, thanks to Rachael, turning her dream into reality. Thanks, Rachael!

In HER Words :: I dreamed of being a writer and owning my own business, so this year I decided to make it happen. My online women’s magazine, Rachael, covers many topics including relationships, fashion, career, personal finance, beauty, health, fitness, charity/volunteer work, travel, and
entertainment. Rachael is about women having a balanced and complete life.Writing gave me a voice and now I want to give other women a voice
and equip women with important information and a place to share relatable experiences.

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