Freshly Launched Women In Business :: Script Gift Company

Freshly Launched :: Script Gift Company

Launched :: {Sisters} Malisa, Jamie & Angie

LaunchHER Says :: An entire on-line gift shop featuring American-made products just made gift-giving easier. There’s something here for everyone on your gift list, whether it’s for the holidays or anytime!

In HER Words ::  We are three sister who banded together in 2011 to create and run a small business online. Together, we created Script Gift Company where we feature gift collections comprised of products made in the USA! Every item at Script is made right here is America and we are very proud to bring them to others. We have found some fabulous products along our journey so far. We choose each product with care and consideration so that our customers can shop with confidence that they can find the perfect gift for their friends and loved ones.The three of us do not have the luxury of living next door to one another. In fact, one of us lives in Virginia while the other two are in Texas. Script has become a way for the three of us to keep in touch and feel connected, even though we live miles apart.

Our goal is to grow the business beyond the three of us and have something to pass on to our children someday. We would also love to be able to quit our 8:00 to 5:00 jobs and work on the business full-time. Until then, we each balance a life of kids, husbands, day jobs, and our dreams.

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  1. Thank you, LaunchHER, for the feature!

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