Freshly Launched Women In Business :: The Not So Ordinary Shop

Freshly Launched :: The Not So Ordinary Shop

Launched :: Melissa Enault

LaunchHER Says :: Plain camera straps are so last year ~ make your camera YOU with a fun embellished strap. How extraordinary!

In HER Words ::  When I bought my first DSLR about a month ago I sewed my own strap for it because the Canon strap that it came with was totally boring. I first looked online everywhere for strap covers and I had a hard time finding really cute ones for under $25. I thought it doesn’t seem like they should cost that much. So I started thinking about starting a shop where I could sell fabulous camera strap covers at a price everyone could afford.

Now who doesn’t need their camera all glammed up?  The camera strap covers are easily changeable and simply slides over your existing camera strap! The default measurements are approximately 25″ long and 2.5″ wide and will fit any DSLR or SLR camera. We have a lot of different designs in the shop right now, but there are no “set” designs, so when you see one you like grab it because it might be the last time you will see that exact one. We will be getting new designs all the time, so keep checking back.

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