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Freshly Launched Women In Business :: Feeding the Habit

Freshly Launched :: Feeding the Habit

Launched :: Stacey Neuhaus

LaunchHER Says :: Home-grown honey made into the most scrumptious soaps, fresh from the prairie. Dare we say even Laura Ingalls would approve!

In HER Words :: Feeding the Habit handcrafted soaps are created in our kitchen in Grove City MN. The desire to learn soap making stemmed from my husband Scott’s beekeeping hobby. In researching the many uses of beeswax I discovered the art of soap making.

After a couple of years of research and process development handcrafted soaping has simply taken over our home.  From the kitchen where I create the soaps, to the spare bedroom where they’re cured for a minimum of 6 weeks, to every sink in the house which each has no less than 4 sample bars being tested.

Truth in advertising in it’s simplest form. Read the ingredient list for each bar. You’ll know exactly what’s in that bar of soap. How many ingredients in commercial soap products can you identify by name? By using a careful selection of nourishing oils and butters that skin craves — olive oil, coconut oil, and shea butter “feeding the habit” soaps are gentle, cleansing with a rich creamy lather.

Feeding the Habit soaps carry no medicinal value. Well…other than the warm fuzzy feeling you get when you lather up a bar and get a good whiff of the luxurious fragrance.

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Freshly Launched Women In Business :: Rosie Made

Freshly Launched :: Rosie Made

Launched :: Alicia Vanderschuere

LaunchHER Says :: Rosie Made is the perfect combo ~your one-stop for women-owned shops, made in the USA products  and a cornerstone of charitable giving. Plus, you’ll find hidden gems of great shops and fun products!

In HER Words:: Alicia started rosieMADE LLC with the goal of creating a community for women. Based on her years in Corporate America, she saw a need to change the game when it comes to women’s progress in the workplace. She witnessed the unique challenges that women face while navigating corporate politics and the corporate ladder. She touched the “glass ceiling.” And she read the statistics. The reality is that today, more than 80 years after American women gained the right to vote, they continue to lose ground on public and private leadership, wage equality, maternity leave benefits, and so much more.

Alicia was tired of fighting a system that is not made for women or by women, so she started her own: rosieMADE. Part ecommerce, part cause, rosieMADE’s mission is to help:

  • Increase revenues of women-friendly businesses
  • Increase jobs and wages for American women
  • Promote the accomplishments of women and support their advancement
  • Encourage women entreprenuership

Alicia will set aside a portion of all profits to fund the rosieMADE Foundation, which will distribute grants to women entrepreneurs in the U.S.

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Freshly Launched Women In Business :: Scrabble Babble Boutique

Freshly Launched :: Scrabble Babble Boutique

Launched :: Kelly Alflen

LaunchHER Says :: Recycled & cheeky, express yourself without saying a word. Our lips are sealed.

In HER Words :: Scrabble Babble Boutique offers everyone a way to express themselves with recycled scrabble tile charms. I started this business to bring in extra income after finding myself a single mom to three children with a teaching salary that could not pay the bills. After God closed the door to a chapter in my life, he opened this new one that led to amazing opportunities! I am now the proud winner of the Lifetime Moms/Spark and Hustle Women Entrepreneur award and a member of The Artisan Group, an elite celebrity gifting organization. My necklaces will be in the celebrity gift bags at the GBK’s 2013 Golden Globes Gift Lounge.

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Freshly Launched Women In Business :: Tippy Stockton

Freshly Launched :: Tippy Stockton

Launched :: Patricia Mackey

LaunchHER Says  :: Seriously swoon-worthy jewels when vintage meets urban. Perfect for uptown AND downtown!

In HER Words : In 2009, I embarked on a journey that I never thought possible.  This journey has been one of faith, healing, and love.  In 2009, after the loss of both of my parents within months of each other, I had the daunting challenge of lifting myself out of depression.  Having quit my job with the intent of being a caretaker for my Mom, I found myself without a job or a focus.  A broken down garden shed in our back yard made way for a new structure . . . a creative studio surrounded by lilacs and hydrangeas – a place for me to find my way back.

In August 2009, Tippy Stockton Jewelry was born.  I fell in love with jewelry design years ago, perhaps by the influence of a wide and varied design background.   I had always loved dabbling with beads, but had never imagined that I could make a living creating jewelry.  After my Mom passed away and I inherited her jewelry box, I was brought back to a time when I was a little girl playing dress up with sparkly jewelry and high heeled shoes that belonged to my Mom and Grandmother.  But the thing that stood out in this jewelry box was a collection of Rosary Beads from when my Mother was a Nun.  Yes, true story.  I knew at that moment that I wanted to somehow incorporate this look into my designs – in a way to honor my faith, but also a way to honor my Mother.  In October 2009, the unthinkable happened – Lucky Magazine featured a pair of my earrings in their magazine.  I guess you could say the rest is history.

My love of anything Vintage is the cornerstone of my little business.  A cast off locket or a rusty skeleton key have found a way to embellish a necklace, but also tell a story.   It makes me giddy to think that I can give new life to something old.   I love surprising a young bride with a gorgeous wedding ensemble, or a special necklace to commemorate an important event in someone’s life, or just a pair of sparklers to wear to a Christmas party.   Creating for my clients who enjoy wearing handmade jewelry is what makes my job so special.

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Freshly Launched Women In Business :: Mama Mahoney Creations

Freshly Launched :: Mama Mahoney Creations

Launched :: Janice Mahoney

LaunchHER Says :: Custom, personalized quilted bags in the happiest colors and fabrics under the sun! Feel-good prints everyone will love.

In HER Words :: Mama Mahoney Creations was created initially out of a desire to give
the perfect gift. I used my sewing skills to make a huge quilted tote
bag for a friend for her birthday. Over the last four years it has
evolved to a company that designs and creates custom quilted totes and
accessories for clients all over the country, as well as custom lines
for spas and boutiques. The client chooses the fabric, type of closure
and embroidery and we do the rest. All of the items that we make are
washable and dryable, the perfect bag for everyday life!

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