Freshly Launched Women In Business :: Rosie Made

Freshly Launched :: Rosie Made

Launched :: Alicia Vanderschuere

LaunchHER Says :: Rosie Made is the perfect combo ~your one-stop for women-owned shops, made in the USA products  and a cornerstone of charitable giving. Plus, you’ll find hidden gems of great shops and fun products!

In HER Words:: Alicia started rosieMADE LLC with the goal of creating a community for women. Based on her years in Corporate America, she saw a need to change the game when it comes to women’s progress in the workplace. She witnessed the unique challenges that women face while navigating corporate politics and the corporate ladder. She touched the “glass ceiling.” And she read the statistics. The reality is that today, more than 80 years after American women gained the right to vote, they continue to lose ground on public and private leadership, wage equality, maternity leave benefits, and so much more.

Alicia was tired of fighting a system that is not made for women or by women, so she started her own: rosieMADE. Part ecommerce, part cause, rosieMADE’s mission is to help:

  • Increase revenues of women-friendly businesses
  • Increase jobs and wages for American women
  • Promote the accomplishments of women and support their advancement
  • Encourage women entreprenuership

Alicia will set aside a portion of all profits to fund the rosieMADE Foundation, which will distribute grants to women entrepreneurs in the U.S.

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  1. Great feature! Thanks for promoting women and their businesses!

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