Freshly Launched Women In Business :: Feeding the Habit

Freshly Launched :: Feeding the Habit

Launched :: Stacey Neuhaus

LaunchHER Says :: Home-grown honey made into the most scrumptious soaps, fresh from the prairie. Dare we say even Laura Ingalls would approve!

In HER Words :: Feeding the Habit handcrafted soaps are created in our kitchen in Grove City MN. The desire to learn soap making stemmed from my husband Scott’s beekeeping hobby. In researching the many uses of beeswax I discovered the art of soap making.

After a couple of years of research and process development handcrafted soaping has simply taken over our home.  From the kitchen where I create the soaps, to the spare bedroom where they’re cured for a minimum of 6 weeks, to every sink in the house which each has no less than 4 sample bars being tested.

Truth in advertising in it’s simplest form. Read the ingredient list for each bar. You’ll know exactly what’s in that bar of soap. How many ingredients in commercial soap products can you identify by name? By using a careful selection of nourishing oils and butters that skin craves — olive oil, coconut oil, and shea butter “feeding the habit” soaps are gentle, cleansing with a rich creamy lather.

Feeding the Habit soaps carry no medicinal value. Well…other than the warm fuzzy feeling you get when you lather up a bar and get a good whiff of the luxurious fragrance.

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