Freshly Launched Women In Business :: Mama Mahoney Creations

Freshly Launched :: Mama Mahoney Creations

Launched :: Janice Mahoney

LaunchHER Says :: Custom, personalized quilted bags in the happiest colors and fabrics under the sun! Feel-good prints everyone will love.

In HER Words :: Mama Mahoney Creations was created initially out of a desire to give
the perfect gift. I used my sewing skills to make a huge quilted tote
bag for a friend for her birthday. Over the last four years it has
evolved to a company that designs and creates custom quilted totes and
accessories for clients all over the country, as well as custom lines
for spas and boutiques. The client chooses the fabric, type of closure
and embroidery and we do the rest. All of the items that we make are
washable and dryable, the perfect bag for everyday life!

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