Freshly Launched Women In Business :: Scrabble Babble Boutique

Freshly Launched :: Scrabble Babble Boutique

Launched :: Kelly Alflen

LaunchHER Says :: Recycled & cheeky, express yourself without saying a word. Our lips are sealed.

In HER Words :: Scrabble Babble Boutique offers everyone a way to express themselves with recycled scrabble tile charms. I started this business to bring in extra income after finding myself a single mom to three children with a teaching salary that could not pay the bills. After God closed the door to a chapter in my life, he opened this new one that led to amazing opportunities! I am now the proud winner of the Lifetime Moms/Spark and Hustle Women Entrepreneur award and a member of The Artisan Group, an elite celebrity gifting organization. My necklaces will be in the celebrity gift bags at the GBK’s 2013 Golden Globes Gift Lounge.

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