{Shop Small, Feel Big} 2012 Gift Guide ~ Day 11 :: Hearts of Stone Jewelry

The Gal :: Rachel Leathers

The Shop ::Hearts of Stone Jewelry

The Goods :: Hearts of Stone Jewelry was born from a love of rocks and gems, unemployment and the need to be creatively busy. While Rachel Leathers has spent the last 23 years in the costume industry as a seamstress, there’s been very little work of late, so jewelry has been a way to play with rocks and wear the results! Happily the response from others has been very encouraging, so Rachel’s focus has been to  build a brand and aesthetic and keep the rocks rolling, so to speak! Gemstone lovers who appreciate the natural beauty of the stones will love Hearts of Stone Jewelry.

Double Happiness for Buddha earrings – $42.00

Mexican Lace Necklace – $82.00

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