{Shop Small, Feel Big} 2012 Gift Guide ~ Day 6 :: Angie’s Jewelry Design

The Gal :: Angie Howard

The Shop :: Angie’s Jewelry Design

The Goods :: After 25 years in the entertainment industry I decided to retire and follow my true passion. My shop is built on my love for natural stones. I’m a lapidary  – I hand-cut all my stones. This means a lot of sawing, trimming, sanding & polishing to a mirror finish. My shop is filled with large saws & grinders and lots and lots of rocks!  I love to find the inherent beauty in each stone and turning into a one-of-a-kind piece of wearable art.

Rhodonite Pendant – $59.00 (through December 14th)

Owyhee Jasper Pendant – $89.00 (through December 14th)

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  1. Barbara Dudley says:

    I own some of Angie’s beautiful jewelry. Every time I wear them I receive compliments! So fun to have original ‘works of art’.

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