{Freshly Launched} Women In Business :: Belly Buttons & Babies

Freshly Launched :: Belly Buttons & Babies

Launched :: Fran Loudas

LaunchHER Says :: Harsh winter weather takes a toll on young skin of our littles. Award-winning organic products soothe & protect ~ good for belly buttons & beyond, naturally.

In HER Words :: I launched Belly Buttons & Babies in late 2008 after trying to find products that would be suitable for my little ones. Not having any luck, I decided to use my Certification in Aromatherapy to start making natural and organic products. After many hiccups, I felt I had a winner with our Mom & Baby Cream (Award Winning) and Belly Buttons & Babies was born. Since our launch I’’ve added many products I believe are the best any parent would want to use on their children. If it’s not found in nature, it’s not in our products!

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{Freshly Launched} Women In Business :: OvalEye TV

Freshly Launched :: OvalEye TV

Launched :: Jennifer Donogh

LaunchHER Says :: Ready to connect with your tribe, face-to-face? Live stream your next event, launch, or class with video services that are top-notch!

In HER Words :: Ovaleye.TV began as a way to market our hosting brand, creating an experience for our members and target audience to come together over a live stream event. Based off of the success it brought us and the interest others had in doing the same, we launched Ovaleye.TV as a live stream production studio in December. We know one person has the power to inspire their community. Live streaming is less about video and more about creating an experience. We help you create an experience. Ovaleye produces live streaming video events– a platform that has impact.

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{Freshly Launched} Women In Business :: Garden of Daisies Embroidery

Freshly Launched :: Garden of Daisies Embroidery

Launched :: Jo Connolly

LaunchHER Says :: Machine embroidery and applique designs unlike any other ~ completely modern, whimsical and oh-so-sweet. Monograms and so much more!!

In HER Words ::

I started Garden of Daisies Embroidery when my girls were young. Now that my time is more “my own”, I’m able to concentrate on growing my business. I won “Stitches” magazine’s “Stitch-Off” competition in 2006 and that win gave me the confidence to submit my first article to Designs In Machine Embroidery magazine. I am thrilled to be launching my very own column in that magazine this month. I am so excited to have my first sewing book – “Sweet Stitches – Boutique-style Machine Embroidery for the Little Ones in Your Life” – being released this month as well. My passion is sharing my love of sewing and machine embroidery with other creative souls.

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{Freshly Launched} Women In Business :: White Lotus Living

Freshly Launched :: White Lotus Living

Launched :: Jan Tucker

LaunchHER Says :: Gorgeous on-line shop filled with only the best in pure, nature-based products. Start 2013 off healthy & green!

In HER Words :: You’d be stunned to know what the chemicals in our products do to our bodies and our planet. I know I was. And 216 chemicals we still use are directly linked to breast cancer!*

When I learned this, I had a breast cyst that increased my cancer risk to 50%. I’ve since greened my whole life and returned to nature—no more chemicals! But 95% of products labeled green still contain chemicals.

After a grueling search to find affordable pure products that really work, I started a website so everyone can live a truly natural life. Now it’s so easy to create a spa-like atmosphere in your home! Everything is in one place at www.whitelotusliving.com.

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{Freshly Launched} Women In Business :: Kinder-Craze

Freshly Launched :: Kinder-Craze

Launched :: Maria Manore

LaunchHER Says :: Fun worksheets and classroom decor for the under-first-grade set. Maria’s creations are the perfect answer for the younger sibling who wants to do “homework” and “worksheets” like the older kids. Can we bottle that enthusiasm for use in the junior high years?

In HER Words :: Kinder-Craze sprang from a desire to share my passion and creativity for teaching kindergarten with other educators in the early elementary grades. Shaping young minds is tiring work and can be very taxing on any classroom teacher. The Kinder-Craze blog is my vehicle for providing classroom inspiration to other teachers seeking a learning environment that is dynamic, cozy, and a place that is cherished by children and adults alike.

In addition, I create and sell simple reading materials, activity sheets, and other printable classroom resources to help educators meet the standards in a way that is thoughtful and engaging for their students.

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