{Freshly Launched} Women In Business :: Belly Buttons & Babies

Freshly Launched :: Belly Buttons & Babies

Launched :: Fran Loudas

LaunchHER Says :: Harsh winter weather takes a toll on young skin of our littles. Award-winning organic products soothe & protect ~ good for belly buttons & beyond, naturally.

In HER Words :: I launched Belly Buttons & Babies in late 2008 after trying to find products that would be suitable for my little ones. Not having any luck, I decided to use my Certification in Aromatherapy to start making natural and organic products. After many hiccups, I felt I had a winner with our Mom & Baby Cream (Award Winning) and Belly Buttons & Babies was born. Since our launch I’’ve added many products I believe are the best any parent would want to use on their children. If it’s not found in nature, it’s not in our products!

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