{Freshly Launched} Women In Business :: Kinder-Craze

Freshly Launched :: Kinder-Craze

Launched :: Maria Manore

LaunchHER Says :: Fun worksheets and classroom decor for the under-first-grade set. Maria’s creations are the perfect answer for the younger sibling who wants to do “homework” and “worksheets” like the older kids. Can we bottle that enthusiasm for use in the junior high years?

In HER Words :: Kinder-Craze sprang from a desire to share my passion and creativity for teaching kindergarten with other educators in the early elementary grades. Shaping young minds is tiring work and can be very taxing on any classroom teacher. The Kinder-Craze blog is my vehicle for providing classroom inspiration to other teachers seekingĀ a learning environment that is dynamic, cozy, and a place that is cherished by children and adults alike.

In addition, I create and sell simple reading materials, activity sheets, and other printable classroom resources to help educators meet the standards in a way that is thoughtful and engaging for their students.

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