{Freshly Launched} Women In Business :: OvalEye TV

Freshly Launched :: OvalEye TV

Launched :: Jennifer Donogh

LaunchHER Says :: Ready to connect with your tribe, face-to-face? Live stream your next event, launch, or class with video services that are top-notch!

In HER Words :: Ovaleye.TV began as a way to market our hosting brand, creating an experience for our members and target audience to come together over a live stream event. Based off of the success it brought us and the interest others had in doing the same, we launched Ovaleye.TV as a live stream production studio in December. We know one person has the power to inspire their community. Live streaming is less about video and more about creating an experience. We help you create an experience. Ovaleye produces live streaming video events– a platform that has impact.

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